s o a p   o p e r a   d i g e s t
k e e p i n g   t h e   f a i t h s
september 4, 1990

For Nancy Grahn, who plays SB's Julia, growing up with parents of two different faiths was -- and is -- no problem. "My mom's Jewish," Nancy says, "but my dad is Lutheran, but I grew up in Skokie. I don't know what I am." Being brought up in Skokie, an Illinois community that Grahn describes as being ninety percent Jewish, was an ideal setting for Nancy and her sisters to decide which religion they would follow. "One sister is raising her kids Jewish," Nancy laughs. "My other sister is raising her baby Catholic. And my mother said that if I ever have children I'll be taking them to a mountaintop to meditate."

But when it comes to SB, Nancy has her feet very much on the ground. She says she has a great time with Louise Sorel, who plays her sister Augusta on the show. "Everyone thinks that we really are sisters," Nancy admits, "and we do act similarly sometimes." Doing what? "We just kvetch a lot. We're the two Jewish girls on the set."

Whatever the pair are kvetching about, Nancy is certainly doing something right. At least that is the word from the show's senior executive producer, John Conboy. He has only the most flattering remarks to make about Grahn and she, in turn, says: "It is quite nice to have the boss be so supportive."

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